Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • Q: Does the system use ozone at all?

    A: Never!  The ZeroChlor System uses only the most effective and efficient titanium based method for producing massive amounts of hydroxyl radicals which are used to sanitize the pool water.  We promise to never use ozone as a method of producing hydroxyl radicals.

  • Q: I'm ready to buy...but what are the maintenance costs of owning the system?

    A: Roughly every two years (depending on system usage) you will need to replace the copper bars as well as the UV bulbs inside your HET-UV chamber.  As of 2020, the price for replacement bars is $270 and the price for replacement bulbs is $300.  You can purchase replacement items directly from

  • Q: Can I install the system myself?

    A: We are working hard to build out our network of Certified Installers nationwide.  However, a large percentage of our clients do choose to install the system themselves.  A basic knowledge of plumbing and simple electrical is required.  Any pool company who can install a salt system has the skillsets to install a ZeroChlor System.  The most important thing is to watch the video on proper installation of the system and follow the instructions!

  • Q: Is it true that the ZeroChlor prevents plaster scale?

    A: Yes.  But even more exciting we have had reports from pool owners that the ZeroChlor System actually reversed plaster scale AND scale buildup on natural stone waterfalls touched by running pool water.  We have limited data on the potential for plaster scale reversal so we cannot promise that existing plaster scale will be reversed.  However, we are asking all clients with preexisting plaster scale to document with pictures any plaster scale reversal that takes place within 6 months following installation of the ZeroChlor System and email the pictures to us. 

  • Q: Why are ZeroChlor Pool Systems better than other AOP systems?

    A: First, we don't use ozone in order to generate hydroxyl radicals.  Hydroxyl radicals are essential for any AOP system to properly sanitize the pool water.  The 6-Bar double sided titanium grid produces 40,000g of oxidation per hour making it (by far) the most powerful water treatment system available for swimming pool applications.  While there are other AOP systems employing similar titanium grid technology it is important to recognize that no other system even comes close to the titanium "surface area" offered by the ZeroChlor System.  Some AOP systems only offer smaller 2-bar one sided grids which is less than 1/16th of the hydroxyl producing power of the ZeroChlor System.

  • Q: What things are NOT compatible with ZeroChlor Pool Systems?

    A: Never use the following things in conjunction with the ZeroChlor Pool System.


    Zeolite:  Absorbs copper ions.

    Salt:  Not necessary and highly corrosive.

    Metal Based Algaecide:  Gives false copper test reading.

    Soda Ash:  Raises alkalinity too much.

    Copper Powder:  Gives false copper test reading.

    Large Grit Filter Sand:  Will leave water cloudy.  We recommend 3-Stage Activated Glass Filtration.


  • Q: What things ARE compatible with ZeroChlor Pool Systems?

    A: The following items are compatible with the ZeroChlor Pool System:


    FLOCCULANT:  Used to clear cloudy water. 


    CALCIUM CHLORIDE FLAKES (ONLY): To raise water conductivity and thereby increase the milliamp reading of the ZeroChlor Pool System.

    PHOSPHATE REMOVER: Use as per label instructions.

    HYDROGEN PEROXIDE:  Use as per label instructions.

    CHLORINE:  Mix thoroughly prior to adding to pool water.  It is important that you turn the power off to the ZeroChlor Pool System while adding chlorine to the pool water and for one full hour after adding chlorine to the pool water.  Chlorine is not required at all when a pool is equipped with a ZeroChlor Pool System.  However, some clients use chlorine rare circumstances such as clearing up a green pool after uncovering in the spring.

    GLASS MEDIA:  Much better filtration than sand, cartridge or DE.  However, many glass media products are subpar quality.  We recommend 3-Stage Activated Glass media inside a sand filter instead of sand.  Purchase at

    SODIUM BICARBONATE:  Use sparingly to raise alkalinity slowly.

    ALGAECIDE:  Only non-metal based algaecides.

    SILICA SAND:  Fine grit .6-2mm.

    OXALIC (Stain Remover):  To remove oxidation stains.

    CYANURIC ACID (STABILIZER):  Has no effect on ZeroChlor Pool Systems.

    SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE :  Use as directed on label instructions.  It is important that you turn the power off to the ZeroChlor Pool System while adding chlorine to the pool water and for one full hour after adding shock to the pool water.  Chlorine is not required at all when a pool is equipped with a ZeroChlor Pool System.

    OXICLEAR:  Non-Chlorine Shock.  Use per label instructions.

  • Q: What makes the ZeroChlor method of oxidation more healthy than other metheods?


    With Zerochlor Systems there is no harmful DBPs or chloramine gas produced in the water.

    Unlike chlorine, salt chlorination or ozone that generate harmful sanitizers in the swimming pool itself, ZeroChlor sanitizes the water not the swimmer. The ZeroChlor oxygenator system is unique in that it produces powerful oxidizers OH, O1, H2O2 in a sealed chamber away from the swimmer. OH, O1 and H2O2 are highly unstable molecules that revert back to water immediately leaving only Oxygen and water that is sanitized, but non-toxic.

    In the ZeroChlor swimming pool, swimmers are exposed to saturation levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO). Because Oxygen is healthy, unlike chlorine and ozone there is no chance of harmful ‘overdosing’ the pool. Ionization output is regulated on the ZeroChlor system to produce and maintain only a trace amount of copper ions. Both oxygen and copper ions are effective sanitizers yet beneficial, non-burning, and non-corrosive leaving water soft and healthy.

  • Q: Can I backwash my swimming pool filter directly to my lawn or garden?

    A:  Yes. ZeroChlor swimming pool water is chemical free and salt free and can therefore be back washed directly to your garden and without diluting. With high levels of DO and only a trace amount of copper ions, water is non-toxic and healthy and complies with drinking water standards. Unlike salt and chlorine ZeroChlor does not pollute natural waterways.


  • Q: To upgrade my pool system from salt to a ZeroChlor System, do I need to drain my pool?

    A:  Yes. The corrosive nature of salt is bad in general and can damage the components of the ZeroChlor system. We highly recommend draining your pool if it is a gunite pool and refilling with fresh water at the time of upgrading your pool to the ZeroChlor Pool System.  If you own a vinyl pool you cannot drain the pool water below the shallow end break without damaging the pool liner so we recommend draining the pool down to 6 inches deep in the shallow end and refilling with fresh water.  After refill you should test the salt level in the pool.  Ideally, we want the salt level to be below 1000 before installing the ZeroChlor Pool System.  This process may need to be repeated to achieve a low enough salt content in the pool water.


  • Q: Is there a risk that copper ions can raise too much?

    A:  ZeroChlor’s microchip technology ensures a very low current is maintained at the copper anodes to produce a slow copper ion output.

    After installing the ZeroChlor unit, copper output is initially set to 100%.

    Once a level of 0.5ppm is achieved, copper output on the control pane can be adjusted down to 25% (or level suitable for your pool) which will maintain levels at 0.5ppm. This ensures levels will not rise too high. Zerochlor supplies a copper test kit.  Weekly testing of copper levels will ensure copper levels to not rise too high.


  • Q: What happens if I accidentally allow copper levels to get to high?

    A:  If ionization output on the control panel is adjusted down this should not happen.

    Copper levels of 1-2ppm is still within drinking water standards so there are no health risks.

    However, should levels rise above 1ppm there is a risk of staining. This is easily removed and does not cause any damage or harmful bleaching.


  • Q: When would the ZeroChlor System require additional UV?

    A:  For residential pools UV is not essential, but a nice extra level of sanitation to have. ZeroChlor is currently NOT available for commercial pool applications.  ZeroChlor recommends including UV for Jacuzzis, Spa pools, hydrotherapy pools and Koi ponds or swimming pools that are heated above 32oC.

    Since UV does not provide a sanitizing residual in the water, combining the UV technology with ZeroChlor rather than chlorine or bromine works extremely well. With ZeroChlor no chloramine gas or trihalomethanes are generated ensuring Spa water is healthy and no adverse smells are generated.


  • Q: Does ZeroChlor offer a warranty?

    A:  Yes, all ZeroChlor systems come with a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty (excluding copper bars and UV Bulbs).  This warranty is automatically upgraded to 3 years if the system is installed by a recommended ZeroChlor installer.

  • Q: Is there a size limit to pools?

    A:  No, ZeroChlor systems can be customized to sanitize any size pool.  If your pool is larger than 40,000 gallons you will need to call 833-HYDROXYL to have a ZeroChlor technician design and price a ZeroChlor system specifically for your pool.

  • Q: Why is good filtration and flow rates important?

    A:  Good filtration and flow rates are crucial with any form of water sanitation to ensure suspended/organic matter is removed. The WHO has recommended standards of flow rates and filtration rates according to application. 

    For residential swimming pools ZeroChlor recommends 3-Stage Activated Glass Filtration by Dr. Dryden which is sold on the ZeroChlor website under the name "AFM".

    Technical recommendations are provided with each ZeroChlor system.

  • Q: How difficult is it to install a ZeroChlor Pool System?

    A:  Simple and easy!  ZeroChlor Systems are no more difficult to install than conventional salt chlorinators and can be installed by most pool professionals or DIY pool owners in 2-4 hours.  Basic plumbing skills are required and electrical hookup should be conducted by a certified installer.  240v Service required.

  • Q: Can I use solar heating with the ZeroChlor System?

    A:  Yes. The ZeroChlor oxygenator system is excellent for heated water (far more efficient than chlorine or salt chlorinator systems since chlorine becomes useless over 90°F).

    However, it is important that solar heating does not affect the flow rates. Pumping water to the roof greatly reduces flow rates and the swimming pool pump should therefore not be used for solar heating.

    Solar heating should be installed on a separate dedicated line with its own pump. However, if using a heat pump or heat exchanger, this can be on the same line as the pool pump.

  • Q: Can the ZeroChlor Pool System be installed on pools with any type of pool lining?

    A:  Yes. However, the ZeroChlor System works best with an impervious lining such as fiber-lined, fiberglass, epoxy painted or tiled pools. Porous linings such as marcite leaches calcium into the water which has the effect of raising the pH of the water. Water quality and pH is more stable with an impervious lining.

    Although it can work in good quality marcite pools, white marcite linings are prone to copper discoloration (blue color). The calcium can act as a magnet for the ionization. This may cause the copper to fall out of suspension and discolor white marcite. Charcoal or dark colored pools are no problem since you won’t see any copper discoloration.

    Since ZeroChlor pools are chlorine free, you do not get the formation of copper chloride and therefore no black stains on your lining (excluding the very rare cases of mold growing under vinyl pool liners).

  • Q: Do you get any corrosion with a ZeroChlor Pool?

    A:  No. With ZeroChlor water is soft and gentle. With no chlorine or salt, there are no bleaching or aggressive water chemicals to destroy the filter sand, pumps, immediate pools surround and indeed the pool shell itself!  As with any pool of water...low pH can be damaging to pool components.

  • Q: Can Well Water be used to fill a ZeroChlor Pool?

    A:  Yes, but since the quality of well water can vary from region to region and the quality can change from time to time, well water is generally not ideal.

    Well water may contain black algae, pathogens such as E.coli and faecal coliforms as well as harmful heavy metals such as mercury and cyanide. Depending on water quality home owners that use well water to top up their pools may need to provide a small boost of chlorine or boost with 50% Hyprox (H2O2) when and if needed.

    Well water is often rich in iron, sulphur and heavy metals. Therefore, as with chlorine sanitation we recommend a metal removal pre-treatment prior to switching the ZeroChlor system on. Periodic repeat treatments may be required depending on water quality.

  • Q: Do I ever need to shock my ZeroChlor Pool and what are the main reasons for my ZeroChlor Pool to go green?

    A:  As with any form of sanitation we cannot guarantee that your pool will never go green. Failure to maintain your pool correctly is the main cause (by far) for deteriorating water quality. These include not back washing your filters weekly; allowing pH to rise over 7.2; low conductivity due to low calcium hardness levels, poor flow rates and not removing debris, leaves and dirt from your pool and pump basket. Pools that are under-filtrated and that have poor flow rates are more likely to green than pools with correct filtration. To remedy you can shock your pool using chlorine or to remain chlorine free you may use 50% Hyprox (H2O2; 1 Gallon per 10,000 Gallons)

  • Q: Can I use a high efficiency variable speed pump with my ZeroChlor Pool System?

    A:  Yes, we have many pools operating on variable speed pumps. Ideally you should turn over/filter your entire volume of water 2x per day. So you can reduce your flow rate substantially and run your pump for 24 hours to achieve the required number of turnover periods.

  • Q: Does the ZeroChlor System prevent algae from growing in my pool?

    A:  Yes absolutely. Copper is a very effective natural algaecide.

    The only times when you can have problems with algae is if you neglect your pool, or if you have stagnant areas in your pool or areas with very poor flow rates. It is important during the pool design to ensure your suction and return inlets create a good flow and circulation throughout the pool.  Pools without any main drains and only skimmers tend to have more issues with algae growth due to lack of circulation / stagnant areas.

  • Q: Is the ZeroChlor System just another copper ionizer?

    A: Nope!  The ZeroChlor System uses copper ionization simply as a backup residual sanitizer (additional protection).  The "secret sauce" of any AOP system is the hydroxyl radicals produced by the system.  The ZeroChlor System sets the standard for hydroxyl radical production with our world patented 6-Bar Double Sided Titanium Grid.  

  • Q: My pool builder is not listed as an installer on your site.  What should I do?

    A: Simply let your builder know that you are only interested in healthy swimming and that you simply won't accept salt, chlorine, or ozone options.  Also, mention to your pool builder that they learn how to install the system by watching one training video which is available at

  • Q: Are there any special considerations when installing the system on a new swimming pool?

    A: Yes. 

    For a vinyl will need to add one gallon of bleach to the water at start-up (and before powering up the ZeroChlor System) in order to properly cure the pool liner.  

    For a gunite pool...the plaster will take longer to cure than it would if your pool was using harsh chemicals (60-90 days).  During this curing period you will find that your pH runs high and you will need to add muriatic acid to maintain proper pH levels.  However, this process will result in a much higher quality cure with zero plaster scale and longer lasting plaster.  The benefits are well worth the extra time!  

  • Q: I have heard that copper staining can occur on pool surfaces and even this true?

    A: This is true.  If the water temperature rises above 100 degrees or if the pH rises above 7.8 there is potential for the copper ions in the water to "come out of solution" and leave a light blue "stain".  Luckily, if this ever happens the fix is quick and easy.  

    For the pool simply use muriatic acid.  This will lower the pH as well as remove the staining.  For example, if the staining is on a natural stone waterfall simply pour a small amount (half cup) of muriatic acid into the water at the top of the waterfall and the staining will disappear within a few seconds.  

    If the staining is in the hair you will use citric acid mixed with water (50/50) to safely treat the hair.  Follow up with shampoo and rinse.   Citric acid can be found in the baking section of your local grocery store.

    When properly maintained, staining caused by the ZeroChlor System is very rare but we also don't want you to purchase without being made aware of this potential issue.  

    We do not recommend the ZeroChlor System for use on swimming pools with white marcite plaster or white shell fiberglass pools because it is possible for a tiny amount of residual staining to remain visible after treatment. 

  • Q: What makes the ZeroChlor Pool System such an effective sanitizer for my residential swimming pool?

    A: The ZeroChlor Pool System uses three powerful sanitation processes, ie. a patented natural oxygen process (hydroxyl radicals), copper ionization as well as an option for High Exposure Time Ultraviolet Light available on the ZeroChlor Plus Systems.

  • Q: Do you get any bad odors with the ZeroChlor Pool System?

    A: No. Since ZeroChlor swimming pools are 100% chlorine free, no harmful chloramine gas (or chlorine odors) are generated. ZeroChlor pools are therefore ideal for asthma sufferers, and those with allergies to chlorine can swim for hours without any adverse health effects.

  • Q: Are ZeroChlor Pool Systems suitable for heated swimming pool and spas?

    A: Yes, ZeroChlor Pool Systems are installed in many heated pools and spa pools across the globe. Unlike chlorine that becomes useless at temperatures over 86°F and generates high levels of chloramine gas and Trihalomethanes at higher temperatures, the ZeroChlor oxidation process and residual sanitizers are not affected by temperature. Water and air quality remains healthy even at temperatures exceeding 97°F.

    However, since heated water holds less dissolved oxygen than cold water at temperatures over 91.4°F we recommend including UV as an added level of sanitation.

    We do not recommend heating a pool or spa equipped with a ZeroChlor Pool System higher than 100°F due to an increased risk of having copper come out of solution and stain the pool or spa walls.  Copper staining is very simple to remove using a small amount of muriatic acid in the rare instances that staining occurs.

  • Q: Does the ZeroChlor System require water hardness management?

    A: Yes as with all pools, calcium hardness is an important factor. Upon installation, calcium hardness levels need to be raised to 250-300ppm. With ZeroChlor Systems, calcium hardness levels are important for two reasons:

    1. Calcium acts as an electrolyte to increase the conductivity of water which with the extremely low current at the plates is important to achieve sufficient electrolysis ie electronic oxidation and ionization output. When readings on the ZeroChlor management system (e-box) drop below 2 Amp, this usually indicates low conductivity and that calcium hardness levels need to be increased (calcium hardness).

    2. Calcium and DO (dissolved oxygen) in the water result in water that is soft and gentle on the skin. Oxygen converts the calcium into a bicarbonate form which softens the water and provides natural alkaline management.

    Calcium hardness levels are very stable, but with regular back washing usually needs adjusting 1-2 times a year ie when readings on the ZeroChlor Control Panel drop below 1.8-2Amp (or on our older single and double plate systems 450mA).

  • Q: What makes the ZeroChlor System such an effective sanitizer?

    A: The ZeroChlor oxygenator system uses three powerful sanitation processes, ie a patented natural oxygen process, copper ionization as well as an option for high exposure time ultraviolet light on the ZeroChlor Plus models.

  • Q: What are the ongoing costs to maintain the ZeroChlor Pool System?

    A: With an ZeroChlor oxygen pool, running costs are reduced by over 90% with huge savings on chemicals and water. Low levels of calcium hardness flakes (to ensure calcium hardness levels remain on 250ppm) and minimal levels of pool acid are used. Ionization plates are self-sacrificing and replaced approx every 2 years depending on bather load. Ionization plates are inexpensive and easy to replace. Oxygen anodes do not need replacing.

  • Q: Can I upgrade my existing pool to a ZeroChlor System?

    A: Yes. ZeroChlor Pool Systems can be retrofitted. ZeroChlor systems are fitted after your filter and before your heating system, ie on the return line to your pool.

  • Q: Are the copper ions generated by the ZeroChlor System healthy and eco friendly?

    A: Yes. Copper has been used as a natural biocide for over 11,000 years and is the most effective, natural bactericide, fungicide and algaecide known to mankind. Developed by NASA in the 60’s the ionization technology was used as an alternative to chlorine for drinking water aboard space shuttles.

    In its natural form, copper ions are an essential micronutrient and required by all higher organisms for healthy metabolism and enzyme function. Copper ions are not absorbed through the skin and requires specialized receptors in the gastro-intestinal tract for uptake. Copper is essential for healthy skin, hair, bones and metabolism. Copper ions strengthen, repair and protect arteries, veins, nerve fibers and the immune system and prevents arthritis.

    The WHO has recommended a daily intake of copper of between 1.5-2ppm and EC 98/83 Directives for drinking water stipulates max copper levels of 2ppm.

    The ZeroChlor Pool System produces copper ions in its natural form. In ZeroChlor swimming pools copper is maintained at trace amounts, ie 0.5ppm, which is below that found in most food supplements.

  • Q: How often do you need to change replacement parts?

    A: The only replacement parts are the ionization electrodes, which are inexpensive and easy to replace and the UV lamps (on ZeroChlor Plus Systems only) that have an 5000 hour lifespan. Ionization anodes would normally be changed every 12 to 24 months. You do not need to replace Oxygen anodes.

  • Q: How often do you need to change replacement parts?

    A: The only replacement parts are the ionization electrodes, which are inexpensive and easy to replace and the UV lamps (on ZeroChlor Plus Systems only) that have an 5000 hour lifespan. Ionization anodes would normally be changed every 12 to 24 months. You do not need to replace Oxygen anodes.

  • Q: How are oxygen and ion levels regulated?

    A: With the ZeroChlor oxygenator system, oxygen and ionization anodes are housed in separate chambers rather than in one chamber. This enables oxidation and ionization functions to be regulated independently of one another with NO “switching” required between modes. The ZeroChlor electronic management technology provides for fully automated oxidation output and an adjustable regulator switch automatically controls ionization output at correct levels.

  • Q: Is the ZeroChlor system suitable for outdoor pools and will I need to add stabilzers? 

    A: ZeroChlor is very suitable for outdoor pools as ZeroChlor sanitizers (oxygen and copper ions) are not affected by temperature or UV as with chlorine. So you don’t need to add any stabilizers to your pool.

  • Q: Is there a limit to the number of bathers in a ZeroChlor swimming pool? 

    A: Bather load is an important factor for any pool.

    Bather load is directly proportional to water volume and the WHO has set recommended limits on the amount of bathers per water volume within a 24 hour period, generally 1 bather per 1,000 gallons of water.

    For high bather load pools it is essential that filters are sized correctly to deal with the increased organic load. When swimming pools are overloaded filters become saturated quickly which reduce their efficiency and compromise flow rates. Poor filtration leads to murky pool water, poor sanitation and elevated levels of chlorine and other chemicals.

    Operational standards for filtration rates have been set by the WHO relating to the type of pool, eg commercial training pools, spa pools or domestic pools.

    In chlorine or salt chlorinated pools that are under filtrated increased levels of chlorine is used to “bleach” away excessive organic matter and to provide adequate sanitation. This results in unhealthy water with high levels of combined chlorine such as chloramine gas (that familiar chlorine smell) and carcinogenic DBPs such as chloroform and bromoform.

    With ZeroChlor we recommend bather loads and filtration in line with WHO standards. ZeroChlor pools with inadequate filtration will require a small residual of 0.3 – 0.5ppm total chlorine (within municipal drinking water). Since oxidation breakpoint is reached through the ZeroChlor system chlorine consumption will be reduced by ~95%.

    With correct bather loads in relation to water volume and adequate filtration (Dr. Dryden's 3-Stage Activated Glass AFM Filtration) ZeroChlor pools can operate 100% chlorine free.

  • Q: How long does the system need to run each day? 

    A: The recommended turnover rate is twice daily and we recommend prioritizing running the pump during the day instead of the night depending on your situation.  

    Single pump run times may be shorter than Variable Speed run times but may use more energy.  For example, running your variable speed pump at a very low speed for 24 hours daily may achieve the perfect combination of circulation, sanitation and filtration.  Our technical support is available after purchase to assist you with setting up your pump run schedule based on your specific situation.  

  • Q: Is the ZeroChlor System compatible with Fish and Koi Ponds? 

    A: Yes, the system is fantastic for fish ponds and very healthy since it super oxygenates the water. For koi and fish ponds ZeroChlor combines its oxygen technology with UV.  Copper bars should be removed form the system when applied to fish ponds.

  • Q: Do ZeroChlor Pool Systems comply with WHO health public pools? 

    A: Yes. However, ZeroChlor systems are only sold in North America for use on residential swimming pools. 

    In the rest of the world our public pools are regularly tested by independent laboratories and complies with international Health directives.

    ZeroChlor is 100% effective against E.coli, coliforms, and chlorine resistant organisms such as Legionella, Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium.

  • Q: Is the ZeroChlor System compatible with Fish and Koi Ponds? 

    A: Yes, the system is fantastic for fish ponds and very healthy since it super oxygenates the water. For koi and fish ponds ZeroChlor combines its oxygen technology with UV.  Copper bars should be removed form the system when applied to fish ponds.

  • Q: Is the ZeroChlor System compatible with Fish and Koi Ponds? 

    A: Yes, the system is fantastic for fish ponds and very healthy since it super oxygenates the water. For koi and fish ponds ZeroChlor combines its oxygen technology with UV.  Copper bars should be removed form the system when applied to fish ponds.

  • Q: My pool company is recommending a Cartridge Filter for my 38,000 Gallon ZeroChlor this accurate? 

    A: No, a 300 pound filter is not suitable for a 40,000 Gallon swimming pool...yet with chlorine you can get away with it. This is because with a chlorinated pool you simply boost the chlorine output or top up with more chlorine. This creates very unhealthy water with increased levels of chloramines and carcinogenic DBPs such as chloroform and bromoform.

    You can install a ZeroChlor system in your pool, but you will periodically need to boost with a small amount of chlorine to compensate for under filtration. We will not guarantee 100% chlorine free water if your filtration and flow rates are not adequate.

    We highly recommend that you upgrade your pool filter to a 3-Stage activated glass filter.  This is a standard sand filter body filled with Dr. Dryden's AFM filter media (not to be confused with Dr. Dryden's Activate Media)

  • Q: Should my pump on my ZeroChlor Pool run during the day or at night? 

    A: Your pool should circulate during the daytime especially when you are swimming.

  • Q: My pool water is crystal clear but following heavy rains it developed a green tinge overnight.  What do I do to remedy this? 

    A: Rainwater has a very low TA which will give pool water an overnight luminous green tinge.

    Remedy by shocking with chlorine (to bleach the atoms blue again) and check that your TA is at 80-120ppm.  Remember to always turn off power to the ZeroChlor system for a minimum period of 8 hours if you choose to shock the pool.