The Story Behind the ZeroChlor Brand Rise to the Top of the AOP Industry

In 2006, there was a small but growing pool company in Atlanta named Lazy Day Pools.  Lazy Day Pools offered vinyl pool remodeling services.  Between 2006 and 2008, Lazy Day Pools quickly became the largest pool liner replacement company in the Southeastern United States.  However, one of the most consistent complaints that Lazy Day heard from customers was the fact that the vinyl pool liners would color fade so quickly.  The chlorine or salt generated chlorine in the water was bleaching out the vinyl pool liners very quickly and Lazy Day Pools started documenting the color fade rates of the pool liners they installed.  It turned out that pool liners, on average, color fade at a rate of roughly 15% per year.  This means that by year five the pool liners would have lost a whopping 75% of their original color and the liners would be essentially the color white under the water line.  But this was just part of the problem.  Liner color fade was a cosmetic problem that indicated a functional issue.  The vinyl itself was degrading at the chemical level...causing a loss of elasticity and an inevitable shortening of the liner's useful life.  

Lazy Day Pools made a crazy decision at the time to offer an AOP system to their customers which promised to sanitize the pool water without the use of salt or chlorine.  If it worked this would eliminate the biggest complaint that Lazy Day customers had when it came to their pool liners.  Unfortunately, the AOP system, which was the industry leading technology at the time failed to perform at a high enough level for Lazy Day Pools to continue offering the system to it's clients.  However, the system was effective roughly 85% of the time and the management team at Lazy Day Pools identified a few opportunities to improve the technology in a way that they theorized would produce a much better result regarding pool water sanitation.

The three areas identified for improvement by the Lazy Day Pools team were:

  1. A much higher output of Hydroxyl Radicals was required for proper water sanitation.
  2. A much better process was needed to educate and support the pool owner.
  3. A much better filter was needed. 

This led Lazy Day Pools down a 6 year path of research and development which culminated in the launch of the "Drinkable Pool Water System" in January 2018.   The Drinkable Pool Water System was a huge success in terms of customer satisfaction.  However, the business model was B2B meaning all systems needed to be purchased from and installed through a network of certified installers nationwide.  This business model, as it turned out, was not ideal for the several reasons....some obvious and some not so obvious.  Regardless, it became very clear by the end of year two that a change needed to be made (not to the product but to the business model). 

As a result, the "Drinkable Pool Water System" was re-branded as the "ZeroChlor Pool System" and the business model was changed from B2B to Direct to Consumer.  This change allowed the individual pool owner to purchase the system directly online and then either install the system themselves, hire a local pool company to install the system, or (if locally available), hire a local pool company listed on the ZeroChlor website to install the system.  Additionally, as part of the re-branding process ZeroChlor committed to transparency in the sales process which is something completely unheard of in the AOP industry.  The following is a short list of a few transparency efforts undertaken by ZeroChlor Pool Systems than any other AOP system.

  • Publicy posted pricing (you won't find this anywhere else in the industry).
  • Publicly posted "pre-purchase" videos to ensure client clarity on what to expect with the ZeroChlor system.  The upsides and the downsides of the system.
  • Publicly posted   system installation instructions to make sure that anyone with basic plumbing skills can properly install the system.
  • Publicy posted maintenance videos to inform clients on what the ongoing weekly, quarterly and annual maintenance of their pool will look like and cost.
  • A clear and simple 60-day money back guarantee to eliminate any risk the client may feel they are taking on by purchasing the system.

As a result of the years of iterations in the product and process the ZeroChlor Pool System is scaling in a way that would have seemed impossible just three years ago.  As of the launching of not one client has returned a system for dissatisfaction or to take advantage of the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

The ZeroChlor Pool System is the best decision a new pool owner can make when it comes to swimming pool design in 2020.  Thinking ahead is the key!

This is a video of the ZeroChlor Pool System in Operation.