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NOV 10, 2018

Size Matters | Ecosmarte System vs Drinkable Pool Water System.

Christopher Ward

President / CEO

Size doesn't always matter.  But when it comes to using AOP technology to sanitize your pool in a healthy way it certainly does!  The surface are of the titanium grid within the AOP chamber of an AOP system is what determines the amount of Hydroxyl Radical Output.  The  ZeroChlor Pool System sets the industry standard and contains a titanium "grid" made up of 6 double sided titanium bars.

DEC 12, 2018

The Best Swimming Pool Upgrade of 2020.

Chistopher Ward

President / CEO

By now, most swimming pool owners are aware of the AOP movement away from salt and chlorine.  But did you know that there are different levels of AOP technology?  The secret sauce of any AOP system is the production of hydroxyl radicals.  Hydroxyl radicals sanitize the pool water significantly better than chlorine and can even handle the destruction of crypto...

MAR 23, 2019

High Tech Alternatives to Swimming Pool Salt Systems.

Christopher Ward

President / CEO

Swimming pool salt systems have been around for two decades now.  The risks associated with human health and corrosion damage to pool structures and components are well known throughout the industry.  Over 90% of swimming pool construction contracts contain a clause releasing the pool builder of liability from damage to the new pool's structure and components from salt and/or chlorinated water.  Let that sink in.  They already...

December 3, 2020

How to Inspect Your Swimming Pool for Salt System Damage.

Christopher Ward

President / CEO

Salt is a corrosive chemical commonly used in swimming pool water in order to generate chlorine (another corrosive chemical) for sanitation purposes in the swimming pool.  If your swimming pool is equipped with a salt system it is important to inspect the pool annually for salt damage and repair the damage before it becomes so bad that it leads to even more expensive repairs.  This is a quick list of inspection points on your swimming pool...

December 16, 2020

How to Prevent Swimming Pool Liner Color Fading in 2021.

Christopher Ward

President / CEO

The easiest way to prevent color fading of vinyl pool liners is to stop using chlorine in the pool water.  Salt systems fade pool liners too.  This is because salt systems generate chlorine into the pool water.  The ZeroChlor Pool System sanitizes the pool without the use of these harsh chemicals virtually eliminating all vinyl pool liner color fade.  It is also believed by many to increase the longevity of the liner by many years but this is not a claim that the company makes explicitly..

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    29 August 2018


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