NOV 18, 2018 - Swimming Pool Technology

Size Matters | Ecosmarte vs  ZeroChlor. ​

ZeroChlor Pool Systems have Created a Much Better Mousetrap.

The Ecosmarte AOP chamber (right) Simply Can't Compete with The ZeroChlor AOP Chamber (left).

Size doesn't always matter.  But when it comes to using AOP technology to sanitize your pool in a healthy way it certainly does!  The surface are of the titanium grid within the AOP chamber of an AOP system is what determines the amount of Hydroxyl Radical Output.  The  ZeroChlor Pool System (one of the more expensive AOP systems on the market) contains a titanium "grid" made up of 6 double sided titanium bars.  These titanium bars are also the largest bars on any AOP system available today.  This is what allows The ZeroChlor Pool System to produce (by far) the largest amount of hydroxyl radicals for water sanitation. 


The hydroxyl chamber is so effective that the ZeroChlor Pool System does not even need to use unhealthy ozone to produce the hydroxyl radicals.    

The ZeroChlor Pool System sets the standard in the swimming pool AOP market.  If your upgrading to healthy swimming you might as well do it right!

This is a short video of a ZeroChlor Pool System installed on an in-ground vinyl pool in the summer of 2018.