ZeroChlor Plain Language Claim Substantiation Statement for Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection is our Priority

The purpose of this statement is to publicly and conspicuously post information regarding the specific claims made by ZeroChlor Pool Systems Inc in reference to the products it sells and to mitigate any possible consumer confusion prior to purchase regarding any advertising of the ZeroChlor Pool System products whether explicit, implicit, suggested or implied.  If you, as a consumer, are not completely satisfied with the current amount of claim substantiation outlined below, we encourage you to not purchase one of our pool systems or to wait until the amount of substantiation discovered via research has risen to a level sufficient to satisfy you as a consumer.  Additionally, ZeroChlor Pool Systems are 100% compatible with Chlorine.  If you, as the consumer, conclude based on your own research that chlorine is a chemical you want to have in your pool water then you can do so while simultaneously using the ZeroChlor Pool System on your swimming pool with the understanding that our system is just as susceptible to damage from salt and chlorine as any pool component.  The 3-Year Warranty does not cover salt/chlorine corrosion.

At ZeroChlor, we want our clients to know what they are buying and how we substantiate our claims in reference to the efficacy of the ZeroChlor Pool System regarding swimming pool water sanitation.  ZeroChlor Pool Systems are intended for use on Residential Swimming Pools ONLY and are not intended for use on publicly accessible swimming pools to include HOA swimming pools.

As of the 05/16/2021, ZeroChlor Pool Systems Inc is substantiating it's claims that the ZeroChlor Pool Systems sold on the open market are equal to or better than chlorine at properly sanitizing swimming pool water when directions are followed in the following three ways:

1.  WATER LAB FIELD TEST RESULTS:   Random residential swimming pools equipped with the ZeroChlor Pool System and having no chlorine added to the pool in over one year were sampled and tested at the University of Georgia water lab for E.Coli control.  This is a commonly used and accepted test for confirming the presence of E.Coli.  Raw data showing the results of these lab results is posted publicly at the bottom of the Education Center page at

2.  CLIENT EXPERIENCE:  100% client satisfaction.  We have not had, as of 05/16/2021 one ZeroChlor Pool System returned for any reason other than lightning strikes.  Additionally, not one of our customers has taken advantage of the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.  

3.  1 MICRON FILTRATION:  The AFM 3-Stage Activated Glass Media used in your pool filter and which can be purchased on our website has the ability when properly installed (flow rates/hydraulics/etc) to filter your pool water down to 1 micron.  This pool filter upgrade is not mandatory when purchasing our system but it is highly recommended because many bio threats in your pool water can be simply "filtered out" using this incredible new filtration technology.  In addition to very well established scientific results in the lab we have seen extremely effective filtration results in the field when using these filters as part of the ZeroChlor Pool System Matrix.  


ZeroChlor Pool Systems Inc is committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our market offering including transparency and consumer protection.  With this in mind we are actively pursuing the commissioning of a peer reviewed, detailed, scientific efficacy study of the ZeroChlor Pool System to raise our substantiation of claims to the next level.  However, it is important that the consumer understands that this study has not yet been completed.

Your purchase of the ZeroChlor Pool System must be based on the three substantiation points above and common sense...and not on what future peer reviewed efficacy studies may or may not conclude.




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