APF is for Pool Owners Who Demand the Best Quality Filtration Known to Man

ZeroChlor Recommends APF

ZeroChlor recommends APF®!

APF® is a multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculant that removes pollutants from solution and flocculates fine suspended solids, such as skin cells and bacteria, into large particles that are easily removed by AFM® (Activated Filter Media).
No single flocculant or coagulant can remove everything from the water. APF® is a precise combination of 6 different electrolytes and polyelectrolytes to cover the widest possible range.
Dissolved constituents of water make up 80 % of the oxidation demand and suspended solids around 20%. Everything that is filtered out does not need to be oxidized.
When the correct flocculation is used in combination with AFM®, oxidation demand is reduced and RedOx potential increases. In chlorinated systems unwanted disinfection by-products are reduced by up to 80%. 

What is coagulation and flocculation ?

Coagulation; is the process of dragging chemicals out of solution to form colloidal suspensions of small particles. In order to make coagulation work, APF® must be mixed instantly and aggressively with the water, this is why we designed the ZPM. If a ZPM is not used, the coagulation stage is missed, organics will remain in solution and APF® jumps to flocculation.

Flocculation; is the process of bringing colloidal suspensions of small particles (organic detritus, bacteria and parasites) together to form larger flocs that can be easily removed by AFM®.
APF® imparts a positive charge to particles that are then attracted to the negatively charge surface of AFM®. Flocculation takes several minutes and the particle floc is very fragile, so the water must not be subjected to aggressive agitation.

Performance and Benefits

Sanitary Security

APF® is required to optimise removal of bacteria, parasites such as Cryptosporidiium, Giardia and Mycobacterial parasites (Candida, Aspergillus etc).

Economic and Environmental
Improved filtration reduces oxidation demand by up to 80%. It also means there will be fewer disinfection by-products formed. Operating costs will be lower and there will be less of an impact on the environment.

Chlorine-free treatment in Biological Systems
APF® is an important aid in chlorine-free water treatment of aquatic mammal LSS in combination with AFM® filtration.

This is a video of the ZeroChlor Pool System in Operation.