MAR 23, 2019 - Swimming Pool Technology

High Tech Alternatives to Swimming Pool Salt Systems. ​

Does anyone still use salt water in their swimming pool? There are still a few hold outs.

Swimming in Your Pool Shouldn't Harm Your Eyes and Skin.  Your Pool Water Should Be Healthy!

Swimming pool salt systems have been around for two decades now.  The risks associated with human health and corrosion damage to pool structures and components are well known throughout the industry.  Over 90% of swimming pool construction contracts contain a clause releasing the pool builder of liability from damage to the new pool's structure and components from salt and/or chlorinated water.  Let that sink in.  They already know your new pool will be damaged by the corrosive chemicals in the water before they even start digging the hole!

Your new swimming pool is a permanent addition to your home.  Your home is likely the largest investment you will ever make.  So why on earth would you equip your brand new swimming pool with anything corrosive such as salt or chlorine?  

Loss of huge amounts of money repairing your pool is only part of the issue.  The other part is your body (aka your health).  Maintaining your health is so important.  Would you really submerge your body into water full of corrosive chemicals if you didn't have to?  Of course not.

So who is responsible for corrosion damage to swimming pools containing salt systems?  This is a complex legal question and the answer is that it depends.  Up until roughly 2010, many pool builders across the country were still claiming that salt levels in the pool water were so low that no damage would be done.  In 2020, there are almost no pool builders willing to make that claim.   

If you are building a new pool (especially a high end pool) it is essential that you locate a pool builder who is trained and certified in the installation and maintenance of ZeroChlor Pool Systems.  This will go a long way in protecting your investment as well as your eyes and skin.  You will spend a little more money up front but your pool will last longer and you will save big in the long run.

The ZeroChlor Pool System is the best decision a new pool owner can make when it comes to swimming pool design in 2020.  Thinking ahead is the key!

This is a video of the ZeroChlor Pool System in Operation.