Liner Fading Below the Waterline of a Pool Liner is Caused by Chlorine and Shock.

How to Prevent Swimming Pool Liner Color Fading in 2021.

The easiest way to prevent color fading of vinyl pool liners is to stop using chlorine in the pool water.  Salt systems fade pool liners too.  This is because salt systems generate chlorine into the pool water.  The ZeroChlor Pool System sanitizes the pool without the use of these harsh chemicals virtually eliminating all vinyl pool liner color fade.  It is also believed by many to increase the longevity of the liner by many years but this is not a claim that the company makes explicitly.  

The ZeroChlor Pool System is the best decision a new pool owner can make when it comes to swimming pool design in 2020.  Thinking ahead is the key!

This is a video of the ZeroChlor Pool System in Operation.